Rules & Regulations

The Virginia State DanceSport Championships are conducted under the rules of the NDCA and all their rules apply. For more information please refer to the rules & regulations at

In addition to the NDCA rules:

  1. The Organizers reserve the right to make any changes to the Rules, Guidelines, Events and any part of the Program or schedule they deem necessary, to comply with all government ordinances, at any time before or during the Event with no advance notice.
  2. The Chairman of Judges shall be the sole arbiter on decisions concerning ties, penalties, and other judges’ decisions.
  3. The On-Deck system will be used for lineup for competition heats. Competitors must check in with the On Deck Captain and be prepared to compete at least 30 minutes before the time scheduled.
  4. The Organizers reserve the right to cancel or merge any competition with fewer than 3 entries.
  5. There will be no credit given for cancellations made at the competition. Any changes made at the event, due to no fault of the Organizers, will be assessed at $20.00 per change. Please check confirmation information prioe to coming to the competition!
  6. Same sex/gender neutral couples may not change roles (leader to follower and back again) during a dance. In other words, once a dancer is designated as the leader or follower, he or she must remain the leader or follower during the entirety of the dance. This applies to both same sex/gender neutral couples as well as to traditional couples.
  7. Note! If work, school, or another valid reason prevents a competitor from being at the competition when the qualifying freestyle dances are scheduled, showcase routines in the same level and category may be substituted for the deficient number of dances. The organizers must be notified if this situation exists so showcases can be scheduled before the pertinent scholarship is danced.
  8. Top Teacher requirements:
    • There is no entry fee for Top Teacher.
    • This is a unisex competition.
    • Teachers do not have to be on a package to be eligible for Top Teacher awards.
    • In the event of a tie, prize money for consecutive placements will be combined and divided.